The Computational Science Research Center originated from the Research Computer Sytem (RCS) Project of the College of Science at the University of the Philippines Diliman in 1992 under the Engineering and Science Education Project of the Department of Science and Technology(ESEP-DOST) and World Bank.

ESEP-DOST provided the hardware and network infrastructure while UP committed to construct the building to house the system.  CSRC’s primarily goal is to provide computing support to researchers and graduate students who are engaged in information systems development, algebraic computations for modeling and simulations. The CSRC facilities are also available for use by researchers and students of other universities, as well as those in other government units and the industry.


The Computational Science Research Center (CSRC) of the College of Science aims to be the core for high performance scientific computing at the University of the Philippines and the country as a whole. The CSRC is located close to the country’s hub for higher learning and research institutions to facilitate a straightforward collaboration of interdisciplinary researchers who venture into computing-related research activities leading to scientific and engineering breakthroughs.

The CSRC also provides basic computing resources to faculty, researchers and students of the University of the Philippines and training programs available for interested parties from other schools.


The CSRC provides adequate and high performance computational resources for Science & Technology (S&T) education and Research & Development (R&D) activities of the College of Science and University as a whole.


CSRC is envisioned to be the leading research institution in the Philippines dedicated to the science of high performance computing.


CSRC is committed to enhancing higher learning in computing-related studies through collaboration of interdisciplinary research that lead to scientific breakthroughs worthy of international peers